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  • Dove Facebook Ad Called Racist Is Just Latest Headache Time

    Dove came under fire over a Facebook ad that has been criticized as racist. Here are other times Dove has been accused of being offensive..

  • Dove Apologizes For Facebook Ad Many Consider Racist Time

    Dove apologized Saturday following outcry over an advert it published to Facebook that many considered to be racist. The ad is a three second GIF that promotes Dove’s body wash and shows a black woman peeling off a dark shirt and transforming into a white woman in a beige shirt. The white woman .

  • Doves Racist Ad May Have Dented Its Year Real

    Dove is hardly the first marketer to find itself embroiled in a public relations crisis this year, but it’s likely to take a bigger hit than others, experts say. This is because the digital ad which many say carries an overtly racist message flies in the face of everything Dove has been .

  • Doves Racist Ad Business Insider

    People are threatening to boycott Dove after the beauty brand ran what many see as a racist commercial again..

  • Model From Racist Dove Ad Speaks Out Im Not Just Some

    Earlier this month, Dove drew backlash for a commercial it posted and has since pulled of a black woman taking off her brown shirt and revealing a white woman wearing a beige shirt underneath. Now, Lola Ogunyemi, who was featured in the ad, is speaking out against racism in the beauty industry .

  • Dove On Racist Advert We Missed The Mark Eyewitness

    JOHANNESBURG Cosmetics giant Dove says its latest campaign for body wash, which has caused outrage worldwide for being racist, should not have happened A short video clip was posted on the company’s US Facebook page showing a black woman taking off her brown T shirt and turning into a white woman after using the .

  • Model In Racist Dove Ad Speaks Out Bbc Newsbeat

    The model in the controversial “racist” advert for Dove says it was actually meant to represent diversity. Lola Ogunyemi has defended the Facebook ad which caused an internet backlash after it appeared to show her turning white after using the body wash. She told Newsbeat she was excited to be part .

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Dove Racist

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