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  • Arrest Made After Alleged Gang Boss Targeted In

    Jerome Booysen was shot and wounded at Cape Town International Airport earlier this week..

  • Jerome Booysen Ofy Boys Life Could Be Under Threat

    According to Eye Witness News reporter Kevin Brandt, Jerome Booysen ofy Boys gang’s life is allegedly under threat after a man, dressed as a woman gained access to the hospital where Booysen was admitted. It is reported that a fight apparently broke out at the hospital and a man linked to a gang .

  • Mark Lifman Uncensored

    A blog about known Cape Town Underworld leader Mark Lifman.

  • State Slams Alleged Extortion Bosss Business

    Senior state prosecutor Esna Erasmus slammed alleged extortion boss Nafiz Modack’s claim that his alleged extortion of The Grand Cafe in Cape Town was a “business transaction”. A team of seven top Cape Town lawyers made their closing arguments in the bail hearing for Modack’ Colin Booysen .

  • Joburg Strip Club Linked To Cape Extortion Racket

    Freedom seemed tantalisingly close on Wednesday for the five men accused of running Cape Town’s biggest extortion racket then it was snatched away..

  • Cape Town Mafia Plumbing The Depths Of Fiction And

    The narrative in the bail hearing of five alleged underworld kingpins in the Cape Town Magistrates’ Court has, unsurprisingly, begun to sprawl into the realm of possible fiction. On Wednesday, the court heard sensational claims and counterclaims that the entire matter was not only about a turf war between rival protection racket factions, but also .

  • First Man Imdb

    Directed by Fred Fougea, J r me Guiot. With Nadine Adams, Jason Barnard, Fred Bobbitt, Lee Shane Booysen. In this epic special, travel back in time million years to experience the trials, dramas and triumphs that shaped our ancestors..

Cape Town The recents on Jerome “Donkie” Booysen were apparently “orchestrated and ordered” from inside Pollsmoor Prison. According to the Weekend Argus, police conducted a raid on the cell of an alleged rival gang leader last Monday. Booysen was ambushed at Cape .Cape Town There has been an attempt on the life of Colin Booysen the brother of allegedy Boys gang boss Jerome “Donkie” Booysen in prison, his attorney has said. News understands that Colin Booysen, who is an accused in the extortion case centering around suspected .Revenges and an intricate gang battle over turf apparently led up to the shooting of suspected gangster boss Jerome “Donkie” Booysen at the Cape Town International Airport, as well as the double murder at a Stellenbosch nightclub last week..

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