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  • Mark Lifman Uncensored

    A blog about known Cape Town Underworld leader Mark Lifman.

  • State Slams Alleged Extortion Bosss Business

    Senior state prosecutor Esna Erasmus slammed alleged extortion boss Nafiz Modack’s claim that his alleged extortion of The Grand Cafe in Cape Town was a “business transaction”. A team of seven top Cape Town lawyers made their closing arguments in the bail hearing for Modack’ Colin Booysen .

  • Joburg Strip Club Linked To Cape Extortion Racket

    Nafiz Modack from left , Colin Booysen, Ashley Fields obscured , Jacques Cronje and Carl Lakay in the dock at Cape Town Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday..

  • Cape Town Mafia Plumbing The Depths Of Fiction And

    The narrative in the bail hearing of five alleged underworld kingpins in the Cape Town Magistrates’ Court has, unsurprisingly, begun to sprawl into the realm of possible fiction. On Wednesday, the court heard sensational claims and counterclaims that the entire matter was not only about a turf war .

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    Cape Town Mafia Biggest underworld trial to expose politically connected in city’s economy of the night.

  • Wigan Warriors Rugby League Fan Site

    I’ve re opened the website for archive reasons only and also for the tv page. No plans to update any front page content at present. Bilko.

  • Radovan Krejcir Eyewitness News Ewn

    Nafiz Modack, Colin Booysen who is the brother of alleged gang boss Jerome Booysen and three others, are facing extortion charges..

Cape Town There has been an attempt on the life of Colin Booysen the brother of allegedy Boys gang boss Jerome “Donkie” Booysen in prison, his attorney has said. News understands that Colin Booysen, who is an accused in the extortion case centering around suspected .Lifman has recently been named several times during the bail application of suspected underworld kingpin Nafiz Modack, who is accused of extortion and intimidation, alongside Carl Lakay, Ashley Fields, Colin Booysen suspectedy Boys gang boss Jerome Booysen s brother and Jacques Cronje..SPS company directors also included brothers Colin and Jerome “Donkie” Booysen the alleged head of they Boys gang. Months after its launch, SPS was shut down because it was not registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority, as was required by law. Lifman and Naude have .

Jerome Colin Booysen

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